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BMX Tires

Subrosa Sawtooth Tire 20x2.35
Following the design of many motorcycle and car tires from the hot rod days, the all-new Subrosa Sawtooth Tires combine today's technology and materials with yesterdays tried and true tread pattern. The goal was to create a very smooth, very round tire that kept contact with the ground if you are drag racing in a straight line, or leaning hard into a carve. The tread pattern gives just enough traction to stick on dirt also. These bad boys are wide, smooth and durable.
Demolition Momentum Tire
- Lightest wire bead tire available! - High pressure (110 psi), lightweight, wire bead tire - Threads Per Inch (TPI): 60 - Low profile rectangle tread pattern - Grips on any terrain - Available sizes: 2.20 & 2.35 - Weight: 19 oz. (2.35 tire)
Animal GLH Tire
$27.99 - $29.99
The GLH goes like hell! With Animal's unique tread pattern, wire bead and dual ply casing this tire lasts. A street legend! 110 psi Maxium Pressure
Eclat Escape Tire - 20 x 2.3
The Escape has a flat tread profile with a smooth center section and knurled sides. - 120 tpi construction, wire bead - High rated pressure 110 PSI SPECIFICATIONS: ISO Diameter: 406 / 20" BMX ISO Width (mm): 58 mm Labeled Size: 20 x 2.3 Tire Bead: Wire Tire Diameter: 20" Tire Type: Clincher Weight: 678 Weight (oz): 8 TPI: 120 PSI: 110
Odyssey Path Pro Tire
This tire is based on the popular Path tire from the early 2000’s, but it’s been fully redesigned to meet today’s riding styles. FEATURES - Directional tread pattern with smooth center tread - Proprietary rubber compound - Improved grip & wear resistance - Micro-knurled side blocks - Dual ply sidewalls - 100 max PSI - Color: Dual-Ply Black
Merritt BMX Option Tire 20x2.35
The Merritt Option Tire takes a new look at what makes a good street tire, and goes way beyond just making a tread pattern that looks good. Featuring Merritt's Slidewall Technology which features an ultra-hard low friction compound to help reduce drag on grinds and increase the life of the tire sidewalls. The center section is smooth for speed and features a thick tread to increase shock absorption and then tapers down to a thinner thickness, offering stability and support so there is no squirm while also reducing tire weight.
Eclat Fireball Tire - 20 x 2.4
The Fireball tire is wide, grippy and reinforced with a puncture-resistant nylon belt. - 60 tpi construction, wire bead - High rated pressure 100 PSI - Puncture resistant nylon layer SPECIFICATIONS: ISO Diameter: 406 / 20" BMX ISO Width (mm): 61 mm Labeled Size: 20 x 2.4 Tire Bead: Wire Tire Diameter: 20" Tire Type: Clincher
Shadow Conspiracy Contender Welterweight Tire
- Sturdy, dependable street and all around tire - Extremely durable & sticky rubber compound - Multi surface tread design with mini cut out tread pattern for grip while carving or turning - Smooth centerline for better rolling resistance - 60TPI for maximum durability - Steel bead
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