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Brakes - Disc Rotors & Parts

Magura BT Screws w/ O-ring, Reservoir Bleed Screw T25
Replacement EBT screws close the bleed port on Magura brakes. Torque spec: 0.5 nM T25 head Sold as a pair
Magura MDR-C eBike Disc Rotor - 160mm, Center Lock
Magura MDR-C eBike Disc Rotor - 160mm, Center Lock w/ Lock Ring for Thru Axle, Silver The Magura MDR-C disc brake rotor is an ideal all-rounder – for city, trail and e-bikes. The improved lateral rigidity reduces vibrations and noise during braking, and also has improved heat resistance and increased stability. - Optimized for eBike use - Prepared for tone wheel or magnet - Wear optimized ring design - Equipped with a center lock mount for corresponding hubs - Center Lock with lockring for thru axle (tool opening engagement) Specifications: Rotor Type: One Piece Hub/Disc Compatibility: Center-Lock Disc Rotor Size (mm): 160 Weight: 175 Pad Compatibility: All Pad Compounds
Magura MDR-P Disc Brake Rotor - 203mm, 6-Bolt
Magura MDR-P Disc Brake Rotor - 203mm, 6-Bolt, For eBike, Silver/Black The Magura MDR-P is a disc rotor for performance-oriented riders and tough tasks – from downhill and e-bikes to heavy cargo bikes. It features Dovetail Interlink technology – a patented interlocking of the outer and inner rings. This provides additional support for the inner ring if the outer ring expands due to heat. In contrast to floating discs, the torque is transmitted to the dovetail-shaped toothing over its entire surface instead of just the rivets, increasing the rigidity of the brake disc and the degree of heat dissipation under continuous load. The MDR-P is the most powerful brake disc in the Magura portfolio, yet it still offers riders low weight and reduced vibration. - Perfect for demanding applications such as e-bike or downhill riding - Two-piece design offers the highest level of heat dissipation and high torque transfer - Wear optimized ring design - Prepared for tone wheel or magnet - NOT for use with center lock Specifications: Rotor Type: Two Piece Hub/Disc Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc Rotor Size (mm): 203 Weight: 216 Pad Compatibility: All Pad Compounds
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