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Sunday Bikes Current Tire
$15.99 - $23.99
The Current Tire has a grippy tread pattern, good shape and tire width. It's an affordable tire designed to make it easier for beginner riders to upgrade their bike and keep existing riders on their bikes. Features - Grippy tread pattern - Affordable high-pressure tire - Also available in 20 inch and 16 inch sizes
Sunday Bikes Current Tire V2
Based around the original Current tire, the new Sunday Current V2 features an updated directional grippy tread pattern, good shape and tire width. It’s an affordable tire designed to make it easier for beginner riders to upgrade their bike and keep existing riders on their bikes. Features: - Grippy, directional tread pattern - Affordable high-pressure tire
Subrosa Sawtooth Tire 20x2.35
Following the design of many motorcycle and car tires from the hot rod days, the all-new Subrosa Sawtooth Tires combine today's technology and materials with yesterdays tried and true tread pattern. The goal was to create a very smooth, very round tire that kept contact with the ground if you are drag racing in a straight line, or leaning hard into a carve. The tread pattern gives just enough traction to stick on dirt also. These bad boys are wide, smooth and durable.
Shadow Conspiracy Contender Welterweight Tire
- Sturdy, dependable street and all around tire - Extremely durable & sticky rubber compound - Multi surface tread design with mini cut out tread pattern for grip while carving or turning - Smooth centerline for better rolling resistance - 60TPI for maximum durability - Steel bead
Shadow Conspiracy Serpent Tire
$34.99 - $39.99 $34.99 - $49.99 Up to 20% Off
The Serpent Tire is a super lightweight tire, primarily designed for close course park and ramp riding. The high thread count casing lets us use less rubber, resulting in lower rotating weight, giving serious riders a faster and more responsive tire. The custom engineered low profile, directional serpent tread gives maximum grip on transitions, with very low rolling resistance for higher speeds.
Rant Squad Tire 20x2.3
The Rant Squad Tire is a great tire for all around use, from dirt to park to street. The Rant designed and exclusive tread design offers a large contact area with minimal rolling resistance. We also added micro- knurled surface for optimum performance and improved traction.The medium pressure rating helps cushion those big drops. The Squad Tire is ready to shred all! - Size: 20” x 2.35” - Low profile all around tread with micro knurling - Tire pressure: 35-60 psi - Weight: 27 oz
Odyssey Sunday Street Sweeper Tire
$22.99 $24.99 8% Off
The Jake Seeley signature Street Sweeper tire features a directional, dual compound construction. - Center tread features softer durometer - Side tread features a harder durometer to withstand grinds
Demolition Momentum Tire 20x2.20
- Lightest wire bead tire available! - High pressure (110 psi), lightweight, wire bead tire - Threads Per Inch (TPI): 60 - Low profile rectangle tread pattern - Grips on any terrain - Available sizes: 2.20 - Weight: 19 oz. (2.35 tire)
CULT Cult X Vans Tire
$34.99 - $44.99
The Cult X Vans tire features Vans classic waffle pattern. Grippy in all situations High pressure sidewalls - Tire Intended Use: BMX - Tire Bead: Wire - Tire Type: Clincher - PSI: 110
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