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Rims and Spokes

Odyssey HGS Spokes
$19.60 - $19.99 $19.99 Up to 2% Off
- Straight gauge spokes with a proprietary grade of stainless steel that is as good or better than the materials used by the world’s most renowned spoke makers. - Sized and dimensioned specifically for BMX.
Odyssey High Pressure 20
When you can’t even see a part, you might forget about it, but it doesn’t mean its not important. Flat tires are probably the most common bicycle failures. Many times, flats are caused by the rims, specifically the lack of protection from the rims sharp edges. Good rim strips didn’t exist for BMX rims. Odyssey Complete Wheels and Odyssey Rims came with some of the best and widest rim strips around, so eventually Odyssey decided to make them available to everyone. They work well and improve the function of any 20 inch rim. If you forget about them, that means they are doing their job. Specs Diameter: 20" Width: 30mm
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