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Handle Bars

Volume Bikes X FTL 4-Piece Handlebars
$79.95 - $96.00
Billy Perry's signature Volume X FTL Collaboration Bar Rise: 9.25?, 9.5? Width: 29? Backsweep: 12° Upsweep: 1° Crossbar OD: 0.75? Crossbar Height: 7.1? Crossbar Width: 11? Material: Chromoly Available In Flat Black
The Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar Featherweight Handlebars
$77.99 - $94.99
- 13B tubing profile with varying wall thickness throughout to allow for lower weight without sacrificing strength - Proprietary tear drop shape crossbar - 100% post-weld heat treatment for durability Clamp Size: 22.2mm Width / Length: 29" Rise / Reach: 9.1" Upsweep / Drop: 3° Back Sweep / Bend: 10° Color: Black Type: BMX Material: Chromoly
The Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Featherweight Bar 9.0
The Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Featherweight Bars are a 2-pc design which utilize TSC's 100% post-weld heat treatment chromoly with a proprietary tear drop cross bar for a unique look, strength, and weight savings. These bars feature a lightweight 13B tubing profile, which is the perfect blend of thick and thin to get the ultimate balance of strength and weight savings. Coming in multiple different sizes, the Vultus Featherweight is sure to be a perfect fit.
The Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Featherweight Handlebars
The Featherweight features TCS's lightweight 13B tubing profile. Thick where you need it, thinner in less stress areas. TSC have also reduced the size of their proprietary tear shape cross bar to realize even more weight savings.
S & M Bikes Fu Bar
Width: 29" Upsweep: 1.5° Backsweep: 10° Crossbar: .75" Weight: 2.68lbs 9" , 2.73lbs 10" Material: 4130 CrMo
S & M Bikes Hoder Signature High Bar - 9
The S&M Hoder bars are the Mike Hoder signature model featuring a 2-pc design made from post-weld 4Q Baked heat-treated chromoly with a large box area and a 19mm cross bar. Rise: 9" Width: 30" Backsweep: 11° Upsweep: 1.5° Crossbar Height: 6.625" Crossbar Width: 11.375" Weight: 35.9 oz
S & M Bikes Perfect 10 Handlebars
S&M Perfect 10 Bars are made with the tallest riders in mind. Produced in the USA from 4130 chromoly with a 10" rise, 30" width and a 3/4" cross bar. Made in the USA 4130 Chromoly Rise: 10" Width: 30" Backsweep: 11° Upsweep: 1.5° Crossbar Height: 7" Crossbar Width: 12" Weight: 43.5 oz
Fitbikeco Nordstrom Handlebar 9
4Q Baked 4130 CrMo Tubing Dual Radius Bends w/ large top bend to increase strength American Made
Demolition Demoliton X Fast And Loose Handlebars
The Demolition X Fast and Loose bars are made from 13-butted, 4130 chromoly tubing featuring a bigger center box section and thicker heat-treating tubing for extra strength. Get ready to "Pull Back or Die!"
CULT Begin Heaven's Gate Bars
$69.95 - $90.00
The Cult Begin Cuatro bars are Brandon Begin's signature series 4-piece bars. To be able to withstand Begin's imaginative and hardcore style, these bars are constructed from 100% heat-treated butted chromoly. At 28" wide and with three different rises to choose from, this is definitely a bar to check out.
CULT Crew Handlebars
* Made from 100% heat treated butted chromoly * * Classic feel good geometry * 30" width, 12° backsweep, 2° upsweep
CULT Hawk Bars
Chase Hawk signature bars Made from 100% heat treated butted chromoly 29" width, 10° backsweep, 4° upsweep 8.85" rise Black & Chrome
S & M Bikes Hoder Signature SkyHigh Bar - 9.5
The Hoder SkyHigh Bar, just in case the Hoder and Hoder High bars don’t get you high enough. RISE: 9.5? WIDTH: 31? UPSWEEP: 1.5° BACK SWEEP: 11° CROSS BAR: .75? WEIGHT: 2.70 lb (.083?)
S & M Bikes No Exit Handlebars (Chris Childs)
The S&M No Exit freestyle bar is Chris Child's signature bar and pairs tried and true angles with classic S&M tubing for outstanding strength and feel. The No Exit incorporates a slightly narrower box section than the Hoder High bar for folks that turn up for clicked turndowns. Specifications: Rise: 9.125" Width: 29" Backsweep: 11° Upsweep: 2° Crossbar Height: 6.5" Crossbar Width: 11" Color: Flat Black Weight: 38.4 oz
Odyssey Shortcut BMX Handlebar - 9
Odyssey Shortcut BMX Handlebar - 9", Black
Animal Foursome 4pc Handlebar
Brand New Animal Foursome 4pc Bars from Animal Bikes. The new Foursome Bars are taller 9" rise versions of the massively popular Big 4 Bars. Same post weld heat treated chromoly construction, just featuring new geometry. -Rise: 9", 9.5". -Width: 29" -Backsweep: 11º -Up Sweep: 5º -Color: Black -Weight: 2.03lbs
Animal White House Cut Throat Bar
9.2" Rise 29." Wide 3* Up 12* Back - Multi butted & Heat treated - 100% 4130 Chromoly
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