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Workstand Accessories

The anti-wheel flopping gizmo. Use it with your repair stand, Velo Cache, or on your rear car rack to keep that wheel in line. The Feedback Sports Bicycle Support Handlebar Holder is the ideal addition to your Pro BRS or Consumer Repair Stand. The telescoping design quickly mounts between the seat post and handlebars of any handlebar configuration, holding the front wheel steady as you conduct repairs or maintenance. The Handlebar Holder can also be used to keep the front wheel aligned when transporting your bike. Rather than being limited to a static position of the front wheel, the telescoping adjustment knob and elastomer straps allow quick relocation of the wheel to any position. The durable 6000 series, porthole drawn aluminum tubing and custom designed elastomer attachment strap insure years of trouble free use. Slip the Handlebar Holder into the inside pocket of the Pro BRS tote bag for convenient storage. Technical Specifications: Weight 5.5 oz./156gm Length 20in./5.1cm Extended Length 35in./8.89cm Color Black Shipping Weight 2lbs
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