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Profile Design Aerodrink Bracket
Profile's Aerodrink Bracket mounts to aerobars to hold Profile's Aerodrink bottle (sold separately), so you can drink while in the aero position. It adjusts up to 140mm wide to fit most bars and is secured with Velcro straps (not shown) for simple installation and removal.
King Cage Top Cap Cage Mount
Mounts to any top cap style stem Fits any cage Easy to mount Made of aluminum Made in the USA Black only
Arundel Chrono Cage Kit
- The Arundel Chrono bottle and cage combo is specifically shaped for races against the clock, including triathlon. - The shape pays special attention to the mechanics of releasing and inserting the bottle in the cage. - The cage and bottle mate together in a positive snap. - The countersunk surfaces on the bottle form a seamless interface with the cage. - The bottle flows in a natural route in and out of the cage enabling the rider to spend less time getting a drink. - The cap on the bottle is an industry standard with a mouth wide enough to use ice cubes or sports drink powder. - The Arundel logo serves to improve the grip.
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