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The Rock Hawk is designed as an all-condition trail tire that has an aggressive tread with widely spaced lugs. - Ramped center knobs reduce rolling resistance - Durable 27 TPI casing
$20.00 - $47.00
- Versatile tread pattern suitable for a broad range of conditions - Medium-height center knobs are ramped to reduce rolling resistance and are staggered to provide a consistent feel across the profile of the tire - Side knobs are fairly aggressive and provide excellent cornering grip - Available with a wire bead or folding bead with EPS puncture protection
CST C1779 Tires. The CST Metropolitan Palm Bay tire features a unique tread that will keep your ride both smooth and stylish. - Perfect for everyday city riding - APL Puncture-resistance features .7mm layer of rubber between tread and casing - Tread pattern designed for reduced rolling resistance with consistent traction - Reflective sidewall for added safety - 22 TPI casing
- Fast-rolling Cross Country mountain bike tire - Designed mainly for hardpack trails - Bead: non-folding - Weight: 770 grams (29-inch)
BMX workhorse with medium-size, squared-off knobs for traction in loose dirt and stability in hardpack conditions SC - Single compound, one compound throughout the tread optimized for longevity and performance Style: Standard Size: 20x1.95 ISO: 406 Bead: Wire Tread/SW: Bk/Bsk PSI: 65 TPI: 60 Features: SC Reflective Sidewall: No
$42.00 $45.00 7% Off
CST Patrol Tire - 29 x 2.25, Tubeless, Folding, Black, Dual From slickrock in Moab to the soft soil of the PNW, the Patrol delivers. Medium-height ramped center knobs roll fast while still delivering the bite you need for tough climbs. The shoulder knobs are laid out in an aggressive stance, ready for precise turns.
The CST Ciudad is an an extremely durable tire that excels at urban riding and commuting. - Grooved slick tread rolls fast while offering consistent grip - 1.5mm layer of Kevlar between tread and casing to resist cuts and tears from road debris
The Thumper is a fast-rolling XC tire that handles predictably when things get loose. - Overlapping center knobs reduce rolling resistance - Durable 27 TPI casing
The Metropolitan Antonov will enhance any urban bicycle with its attractive tread pattern, Anti-Puncture Layer (APL), and a reflective sidewall for increased night visibility. This larger-volume tire holds more air, allowing it to roll lightly and providing additional shock absorption for a comfortable ride. Labeled Size: 26 x 2.4 Color: Black ISO Width (mm): 61 ISO Diameter: 559 / 26" MTN Tire Intended Use: Road Defined Color: Black Tire Type: Clincher TPI: 22 Tire Diameter: 26" Tire Bead: Wire
- All-around tire for hard pack to loose conditions - Center tread features low, wide knobs spaced widely apart to aid in mud shedding - Shoulder knobs have a tall profile to really dig in to loose soil - Folding bead version features a dual compound tread for improved grip, and EPS puncture protection
The CST BFT (Big Fat Tire) is a high-volume tire with an aggressive tread to provide outstanding traction on any trail. - Designed for trail and freeride use - Durable 27 TPI casing
- City/commuter tire with Kevlar belted puncture protection. - KI - Kevlar® Inside, incorporates Kevlar® fibers into a 1.5mm layer of natural rubber between the tread and the casing for puncture resistance - SC - Single compound, one compound throughout the tread optimized for longevity and performance - REF - Reflective sidewall striping or hotpatch to aid in low light visibility
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