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Indoor Cycles

Schwinn Triple Link Pedals
These pedals accommodate Look (old style - but NOT newer KEO) and SPD style shoes/cleats to simulate your outdoor riding experience, and easily convert to accept traditional athletic shoes with the snap-in, locking toe clip.
  • Multi-use pedals convert from clipless to pedals with toe-clips and straps
  • Compatible with spin-type indoor exercisers or any outdoor bike that accepts 9/16-inch pedals
  • Accommodates Look Delta (old style - but NOT newer KEO) and SPD style shoes/cleats
  • Durable alloy construction; stylish red
Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp
$799.99 $899.99 11% Off
Shipping Now! The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution is a favorite choice for many gyms, physical therapy centers and cardiac rehabs. The Airdyne Evolution will last a lifetime because of it's high quality and no friction devices. (It works on air) The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution will give you a total body workout or just a lower body workout depending on what body part your looking to strengthen. The Airdyne Evolution Comp is simply smart - the wind resistance is exponential, so the harder an exerciser pedals, the higher the resistance becomes, naturally providing the right workout for either a novice exerciser or an elite athlete. Airdyne is the original, patented full-body exerciser, and the Airdyne Evolution Comp is the next step in the evolution of this ground-breaking machine. Its smaller fan is even quieter than the Airdyne's, and the lower step-over height makes it easier to mount and dismount. Features an extra-padded, anatomically correct seat for comfort during longer rides. Total-body ergometer with patented synchronized arm and leg motion simulates natural human movement. Includes foot rest pegs allow for upper body exercise only. Reliable/accurate braking method uses airflow to calculate workload for use in rehabilitation.
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle
M3i Indoor Cycle - Keiser introduces intelligent cycling and the most technologically advanced indoor group cycle ever, the Keiser M3i.

Featuring Bluetooth wireless display. The new Keiser Bluetooth wireless computer is certain to become popular with both riders and group exercise instructors. The computer can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen and can also partner up with a wireless phone or tablet. At first glance the Keiser M3i catches the eye with a sexy new black color scheme that also features a red flywheel guard. FEATURES - Bluetooth® Wireless Technology - Automatic backlit digital display - V-shape frame and handlebar combo to accommodate all riders - Rust-resistant design includes stainless steel hardware and rear flywheel - Revolutionary re-designed Keiser Bike Pedal - Quiet, low-maintenance magnetic-resistance belt-drive system - Magnetic resistance delivers road-bike experience and ensures a smooth ride - Lightweight and superior ease of transport - With more than 300,000 M Series bikes sold, there’s no more proven bike worldwide - Robust adjustment knobs require less maintenance than cam-lock - Four-way adjustable seat - Water bottle holder - Keiser Education and Certifications available - Includes media holder and stretch pads

M3i Specification: Height 45'' (1143mm) Width 26'' (660mm) Lenght 49'' (1245mm) Weight 85lbs (38.56kg)

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