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Tioga Undercover Stratum HTS Carbon Saddle

Tioga Undercover Stratum HTS Carbon Saddle
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- New HTS Carbon utilizes a combination of higher tensile fiber with a weaving pattern specifically tailored to the rail’s unique shape to optimize impact resistance, bolstering rail durability to nearly double the vibration cycle in bench tests
- Underside support structures embedded within an impact resistant frame manages compression, balancing flex with seated support in ways not possible with conventional saddle design
- Flexible web structure conforms to you when seated, flexes when soaking up energy from bumps, and remains pliable to continually absorb shock
An open frame with underside structural braces controls the rate of compression to offer seated support and limit excessive sag
- Features a top layer of Bio-X Foam that covers the traditional Spyder`s shock absorbing web like structure

Part Numbers

840511041433 99009325