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Stan's No Tubes Valor Team 27.5 Rear Wheel

Stan's No Tubes Valor Team 27.5 Rear Wheel
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Lighter and stronger than aluminum rims, the Valor’s carbon rim lay-up is engineered to absorb radial vibrations and impacts adding suspension to a bike, making the ZTR Valor Carbon the most advanced wheelset NoTubes has ever produced. Non-compliant heavy rims that deliver a harsh, abusive ride have become the standard from most companies producing carbon rims. The ZTR Valor utilizes a construction that is both elastic and strong. Stan's NoTubes has constructed a light weight carbon fiber rim design not just to be stronger than aluminum but also to perform better in real world riding conditions.

- Neo Hub 28H
- 12x142mm TA/ 10x135mm QR
- Disc IS 6-Bolt
- Shimano
- Tubeless ready