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Spinervals Minute Mania 48.0

Spinervals Minute Mania 48.0
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Top athletes and coaches know the value of high intensity work for athletic performance enhancement, and in developing their body's maximum oxygen carrying capacity, also known as VO2max. This clever yet diabolical workout includes work that'll boost your lactate threshold, as well as two strategically placed 3-minute 'time trials', also known as Critical Power Intervals, designed to test the mettle, power, and recuperative abilities of even the most experienced cyclist. Done regularly in a smartly conceived training program, 3-Minute Mania will deliver incredible results at your next competitive cycling event.

- Duration: 60 Minutes
- Intensity: 9.8
- Purpose: 1-hour session, including effective 3-minute VO2max building benchmark test sets

Part Numbers

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