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Parts & Accessories

ENVE Composites Freehub Body - ENVE Hubs, Shimano HG
Replacement parts for Enve hubs.
ENVE Composites Mountain Tubeless Kit
Setting up your XC, AM, or M Series mountain wheels tubeless is a breeze with this kit. A tubeless kit needs to be simple and functional, and this is ENVE's solution. The tape is cut specifically to ENVE rim widths to ensure proper fit, and tubeless valves feature removable cores for easy sealant refresh. - Tape may be red, white, or black, depending on model Valve Stem Length / Tape Width / Tape Color - M525: 47mm Set / 29mm / Red - M630: 47mm Set / 34mm / Red - M635: 47mm Set / 38mm / Red - M640/M60 Plus: 47mm Set / 44mm / White/Red - M60: 47mm Set / 28mm / Black - M60HV, M70, M90: 47mm Set / 29mm / Black
ENVE Composites QR Campy Hub Endcap
ENVE Endcap for Campy 7 -12 Speed Rear Hub
ENVE Composites Silca Valve Extenders
SILCA valve stem extenders for tubular tires and tubes with removable valve core. ENVE recommends that the length of your tire/tube valve + the length of your extender exceeds the depth of the rim by at least 10mm. - The 34mm set is optimized for the SES 3.4 and SES 3.4 Disc - The 45mm set is optimized for the SES 4.5 and SES 5.6 Disc - The 75mm set is optimized for the SES 7.8 and SES 7.8 Disc
ENVE Composites Valve Extenders (Pair)
Valve stem extenders for tubular tires and tubes with removable valve core. Sold as a set of two extenders.
ENVE Composites Valve Stem Set
Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut and Valve Stem Set The Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut has been designed to ensure that an improper tubeless tape job doesn’t result in a damaged rim. If the tubeless seal between tire’s air chamber and the rim’s cavity is breached, the rim’s cavity can become pressurized resulting in a pressurized rim and potential delamination of the rim’s sidewall. The Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut prevents this from happening by creating an escape for the air via fluted reliefs on the inner diameter of the nut. Air escaping from these ports, indicates a compromised tubeless seal. ENVE Tubeless Valve Stem Set: Enve Valve stems are made specifically for use with their tubeless compatible carbon rims. You must use Enve tubeless rim tape first, then add valves. These valves have removable cores which is ideal if you plan to use sealant in your tires. These are sold in a pair so pick up a set today to convert a set of wheels. If you just need to replace one, the second becomes a handy spare.
ENVE Composites Freehub Body
- Freehub Body: Campagnolo N3W - Freehub Compatibility: ENVE - Speed: 13
ENVE Composites Rim Strip
A non-tubeless protective strip to cover the spoke holes in your ENVE carbon clinchers. 
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