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Pure Cycles The Revo Juliet
The ultimate team up has arrived! We worked with Revolights to create the brightest, baddest bike on the block. The Revo Juliet combines our original Juliet with Revolights' awesome front and rear wheel lighting system. These lights make you visible from all angles and provide one of the brightest riding experiences available. So swoop one while they last and light the night! Matte Black frame with Black-Magic deep dish wheels.
Pure Cycles The Sierra
The hot marsala frame, fork, and gold chain make Sierra look as dangerous as it does sexy. Like a secret agent, or that older girl who goes to another school (you haven’t met her), Sierra’s fun and fast, with a touch of class that takes it to the next level. Speed, style, and affordability make these bikes the perfect storm of awesome whether you’re starting out, getting back into biking after a few years away, or just want to get a feel for riding fixed! Whether used for transportation or simply fun, Pure Fix is a sure fire way to stay fit, get places, and have a blast! Cut traffic, do righteous skids, and fly through the city in style.
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