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TwoFish Quick Cage Stainless Steel

TwoFish Quick Cage Stainless Steel
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The Quick Cage is made from stainless steel and is specifically designed to hold standard bicycle water bottles. The cage is attached to the bike with a hook and loop strap and a Kraton block. The block is soft and flexible to allow it to work with any frame shape. The cage holds bottles from 16 oz. to 26 oz. sizes and can be placed anywhere on a bicycle where there’s room, even on the stem of the handle bars. This cage has many uses, from kids’ bikes to bicycles without lugs for cages or for touring or day rides where more water is needed. The Quick Cage is also loved by Cyclo Cross riders because they can train with water and easily remove the cage when it’s time to race. Proudly made in the USA.

Part Numbers

203416007087 9931604