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Tacx NEO Motion Plates

Tacx NEO Motion Plates
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Tacx NEO 2 Motion Plates easily attach to the NEO2 trainers and provide multi-directional movement providing a more immersive, realistic riding experience.

Remove the rubber feet from the NEO2 trainer and the Motion Plates magnetically attach to the base

Multidirectional movement mimics the feel of an outdoor ride

Adopt a more natural riding position to stay engaged and train more effectively

Ride with confidence on secure and balanced motion plates

Added height to trainer: 25 mm (1")
Range of motion: 50 mm (2")
Compatible trainers: Neo, Neo 2, Neo 2T
Front wheel support tire compatibility: Up to 28 mm

MPN: 010-13193-00 - Garmin

Part Numbers

753759297183 010-13193-00