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Stompump Portable Floor Pump With Frame Mount

Stompump Portable Floor Pump With Frame Mount
This item is currently not available.


A compact, stowable foot pump for your bicycle, motorcycle, car or anything that needs to be inflated. The Stompump is very lightweight and very compact. It's smaller than a can of La Croix and half the weight! The genius in the Stompump is the size of the Piston that moves the air. With it's larger diameter it moves about 3 times more air than a typical hand pump. This, paired with the fact that you're using your strongest muscles(your legs) and gravity makes inflating a tire with the Stompump immeasurably easier and so much faster!

The Stompump includes a Frame Dock, Frame-protector pads and a Hook & Loop Safety Strap

Compatible with Presta and Schrader Valves.