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SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit
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New Orders Shipping Late May 2021
New for 2021, The GX AXS upgrade kit is your entry point into wireless drivetrain simplicity.

Compatible with any of Sram's Eagle ecosystem cassettes and crank arms, the upgrade kit allows you to experience Eagle AXS without needing to buy an entire groupset; provided you already are using SRAM Eagle products.

No matter if you are looking to upgrade your ride, or looking for great value replacement parts, look no further than the SRAM GX AXS upgrade kit.

With proven AXS wireless technology, and the rugged durability of GX, it’s Eagle at its best. Featuring an expanded 520% range, seamless compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem, and the ability to customize with the AXS app, GX Eagle AXS is your entry point to the future.

Items included:
- Rear Derailleur: GX Eagle AXS 12 speed, Max 52T
- Controller: GX Eagle AXS 12 speed Right Hand 2-Button Controller with Discrete Clamp
- eTap AXS Battery Charger and Cord
- GX Eagle AXS Rear Derailleur Battery Cover
- Chain Gap Tool


Riders want a derailleur that shifts on command, whether under climbing load or sprinting to the stage finish. The GX Eagle AXS derailleur gets it done with everything you have come to expect from our AXS connect components. The GX Eagle AXS derailleur is smart enough to protect itself thanks to its incredibly resilient Overload Clutch. Engineered with a variety of rider preferences in mind, it is compatible with our new expanded range 10-52T cassette as well as our 10-50T cassette. Showcasing its lineage from the proven GX Eagle mechanical line, the GX Eagle AXS derailleur is there for one thing— to do the job.

· AXS enabled componentry software that makes it possible to both program and personalize new SRAM and RockShox components with Eagle technology
· Overload Clutch protection
· Finished with the GX Eagle colorway


Simplicity and performance made for all day adventures. The pure shifting performance of Eagle AXS is now available with GX. Shift under load, over the roughest terrain, uphill, without changing your grip on the bar. GX Eagle AXS changes your level of control on the bike when you’re under pressure and pushing hard. More than that, it changes your relationship with the bike. No cable, housing or wires to manage opened up design and engineering possibilities with the GX Eagle AXS controller. Featuring the proven ergonomic touchpoints that make shifting effortless, they are customizable to your preferences, allowing you to choose which button does what through the AXS App.

· Compatible with MatchMaker X
· Eagle technology
· Customize in-board and outboard shift options
· Pairs with all derailleurs in the Eagle AXS ecosystem
· AXS enabled componentry software that makes it possible to both program and personalize new SRAM and RockShox components
· System is completely water and dust proof to IPX7


The AXS battery cover is a light-weight cowling designed to protect the battery while installed on the derailleur. The AXS battery cover fits all AXS mountain bike derailleurs.

How do you pronounce the AXS portion of the groupset name? 
AXS is pronounced the same as the word, “access.”

AXS is pronounced the same as the word, “access.”

What are the main benefits and key features of GX Eagle

•    Wireless electronic shifting with engineered hardware for a new
ergonomic experience based on touching a button rather than
pushing a lever.
•    Faster, more consistent shifts. Letting you shift when you
want, under load, without ever having to plan around terrain.
•    Gathering useful data, telling you how many shifts have been
made, how frequently each cog is being used, helping you make
smarter choices on chainring size, and more.
•    Eagle is a complete drivetrain system that was developed to be
an integrated high-performance ecosystem. The engineering
and testing that went into the development provide for
maximum performance, safety, and long-term durability to
ensure a great consumer ride experience. SRAM guarantees
this performance when Eagle drivetrains are used as a
complete ecosystem.

What is included in the GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit?

Derailleur, Controller, MatchMaker, Charger/cord, SRAM Battery,
Battery cover, and a Chain gap tool.

Can I fit SRAM GX Eagle AXS to any mountain bike and what
are the compatibility requirements for GX Eagle AXS? 

All current bikes and frames compatible with Eagle today will be
compatible with GX Eagle AXS. GX Eagle AXS requires an XD
driver body for cassette installation, just like the majority of SRAM's
current 1x drivetrains. GX Eagle AXS cranksets use SRAM DUB
bottom brackets, compatible with almost all current BB standards.

How does SRAM GX Eagle AXS connect and integrate with
other wireless components that SRAM makes?  

All AXS components can connect to one another using Sram's
proprietary encrypted wireless network. The AXS mobile app
is used for personalization of the component controls and to
serve as a single access point for all SRAM AXS connected
products. Additional connectivity included with AXS is ANT+
and Bluetooth.

Does SRAM GX Eagle AXS have smartphone connectivity? 
AXS components have Bluetooth connectivity through the

SRAM AXS app. If there is a firmware update, it can be handled
through the app. There is no dongle.

Can I assign different functions to the buttons (e.g. move the
derailleur outboard with a left shifter click)? 

Controller touchpoints are totally customizable to your
preferences, allowing you to choose which paddle does what
through the AXS App. Choose from three functions: Inboard
shift. Outboard shift. Dropper. Yes, you can designate
any of the touchpoints to control your electronic Reverb
dropper seatpost.

How do I know if my battery is low? What are the charge
levels and how many hours of riding can I expect to get on a
full charge? 

Checking battery life is easy: press the button on the shifter.
Green light means it’s at or close to full charge. Red light means
it’s at or close to half charge. And flashing red means charge
it up. The battery will last approximately 20 hours or more of
riding time. To prolong battery life, the system goes to power
save mode when the bike is stationary. It is also possible to
check battery life through the AXS App.

What prevents an AXS groupset on one bike from
wirelessly interacting or interfering with an AXS groupset
on another bike? 

SRAM AXS uses a fully encrypted, secure and proprietary
SRAM wireless protocol that has been proven in the real
world in SRAM's road drivetrain applications and more recently on
the World Cup circuit.

Is SRAM AXS waterproof? 

The GX Eagle AXS system is completely water and dust proof
to the IPX7 international standard. For a mountain biker, it
means no hesitation to head out when the weather looks
less than ideal. When washing AXS components be sure to
avoid direct high pressure washing, like other components on
a bicycle there are many moving parts with lubrications that
can be washed away with aggressive washing techniques.

What type of batteries do the new GX Eagle AXS
controller require? 

One CR2032 watch battery – commonly found at retail
outlets. The lifespan of this battery is significant – 2 years or
more is common.

How many hours of riding can I get from a fully charged AXS
derailleur battery? 

Approximately 20 hours of ride time or more. The battery weighs
25g and is detachable with a single clip. It’s also “hot swappable”
if needed – from GX Eagle AXS derailleur to your Reverb AXS
seatpost or even your SRAM RED or Force eTap AXS road group.
And it only takes an hour to charge.

Are there any auxiliary buttons on the controller with
unassigned functions that can be used to control other
wireless components or perform special functions?

The pairing button located on the bottom of the controller
handles two tasks. One, it pairs with the derailleur and you
can reference the pairing instructions/video for more. Two,
the function of the pairing button is to trim the rear derailleur
(taking the place of the barrel adjuster) see the adjust/trim
instructional video for more.

Are RED eTap AXS shift levers compatible with GX Eagle
AXS rear derailleurs? 

Yes. All AXS components can connect to one another. You
can use SRAM RED eTap AXS shift levers to build a drop
bar bike with an GX Eagle AXS drivetrain. The GX Eagle AXS
drivetrain is also compatible with the road BlipBox and
control buttons.

What is the Q factor on GX Eagle AXS cranks and is it
different to current Eagle?

The Q factor for GX Eagle AXS cranks is the same as the
current Q factor for SRAM's DUB cranksets. Different chainlines
are available for compatibility specifications.

What chainring size options do you offer with SRAM GX
Eagle AXS Groupsets? 

Aftermarket complete group sets will come equipped with a
32T chainring on GX Eagle AXS. Aftermarket Eagle chainrings
will be available in 30T, 32T, 34T, 36T, 38T.

Is there an oval chainring option? 

SRAM currently has an Eagle oval chainring which is compatible
with AXS. The colorway may be different to AXS specific
colorways depending on specification.

What size and type of tool is required to remove SRAM GX
Eagle AXS 1x chainrings from the crank spider?

Use a T25 Torx key to remove the three bolts holding the direct
mount chainring to the crankset.

Will a SRAM GX Eagle AXS chainring last longer than a
current Eagle chainring?

The performance, features, and durability of the X-SYNC 2
chainrings used for GX Eagle AXS are the same as SRAM's current
GX Eagle chainrings today. 

What cassette size ranges do you offer for GX Eagle AXS?

SRAM GX Eagle AXS uses the X-DOME Eagle cassette with a
10-50T or 10-52T. 

What type of freehub body is required for GX Eagle AXS

An XD driver body is required for GX Eagle AXS cassette

Is a special cassette tool required to install or remove
SRAM GX Eagle AXS cassettes? 

No. These cassettes require a standard HG-style cassette tool
with a 7-8mm spline depth.

Is there a cassette available with an 11-tooth start so I don’t
have to change the driver on my rear wheel to XD? 

SRAM offers a PG-1230 Eagle cassette which utilizes the HG
splined driver body interface. This is compatible with all of
our Eagle drivetrain parts as part of the Eagle ecosystem.
However, for optimum performance the XG-1275 cassette is
used in the GX Eagle AXS offering.

Are special chain tools, chain pliers, or chain whips required
to work on GX Eagle AXS drivetrains? 

The new universal Eagle chain gap tool is used to set the
correct position for the derailleur. This tool works for all of SRAM's
Eagle drivetrains, 10-50T, 10-52T, mechanical and AXS.
The majority of standard and professional tools will work on GX
Eagle AXS drivetrains. Care should always be taken to ensure
the tool is fully compatible with each component - this can be
found on tool manufacturers specifications and websites.

What chain lubes do you recommend for new AXS chains? 

SRAM GX Eagle AXS chains use commonly available bicycle
chain lubes and are compatible with the same lubricants as SRAM's
other chains.

Will a new RED AXS road chain work on a SRAM
Eagle drivetrain? 

No. SRAM EAGLE chains and SRAM RED AXS chains have
different dimensions and are not cross compatible. The
derailleur, Cassette and chain should always “match”. When
using an Eagle cassette or derailleur, use a matching Eagle
chain. When using a SRAM RED cassette and derailleur, use a
RED chain.

How does the new GX Eagle AXS chain lifespan compare to
SRAM’s current Eagle XX1 chain? 

The Eagle chain architecture and design are similar, durability
and lifespan are also similar.

How do I size a chain for a 1x SRAM GX Eagle AXS

Wrap the chain around the chainring and largest cassette
cog, bypassing the rear derailleur. For hardtail bicycles,
add two inner links and two outer links where the chain
starts to overlap for a proper length of chain for your
GX Eagle AXS drivetrain.
For full suspension bicycles, in order to size the chain, first
compress the rear shock to the point in the travel where
the rear axle is farthest from the bottom bracket. Deflate or
remove the rear shock if necessary. Add one inner link and
one outer link where the chain starts to overlap for a proper
length of chain for your GX Eagle AXS drivetrain. See the
user manual for installation for full details on the SRAM
website service link.

Are SRAM GX Eagle AXS PowerLocks different from SRAM
RED eTap AXS 12-speed PowerLocks? 

Yes they are. Eagle PowerLocks can be easily differentiated by
the word “Eagle” stamped on the side.

Can a SRAM GX Eagle AXS PowerLock be installed and
uninstalled repeatedly, or does it need to be replaced with a
new PowerLock after being removed one time? 

PowerLocks are one time use only. If they are repeatedly
installed and uninstalled the PowerLock installed position will
become less secure.

What surface treatment/coating is SRAM using on new GX
Eagle AXS chains? 

SRAM GX Eagle chains have nickel coated outer links and black
oxide inner links with chrome hardened pins.

What is the max cog size that is compatible with GX Eagle
AXS rear derailleurs? 

52T. GX Eagle AXS derailleurs are designed to be used with
both Eagle 10-50T and 10-52T cassettes.

What type of clutch mechanism does the GX Eagle AXS
derailleur use? Is it the same as the new RED eTap AXS

The GX Eagle AXS derailleur uses a Type-3 Roller Bearing
Clutch with a proven track record from SRAM's current Eagle
ecosystem. It is not the same as the SRAM RED eTap AXS
derailleur Orbit fluid clutch.

What’s the difference between the roller bearing clutch and
overload clutch? 

GX Eagle AXS derailleurs use both SRAM's Type-3 roller bearing
clutch and Overload Clutch. Type 3 roller bearing clutch is
used to control cage movement and chain management. The
Overload gearbox clutch protects the derailleur wireless motor
in the event of impact.

Why doesn’t Eagle use the new Orbit fluid clutch instead of
the roller bearing clutch? 

SRAM's proven Type 3 clutch is utilized in this product because
of its track record of success and dependability. Road rear
derailleurs have a different dynamic than MTB derailleurs and
do not require the exact same chain retention specifics.

What is the Overload Clutch? 

The GX Eagle AXS derailleur is smart enough to protect itself
thanks to its incredibly resilient Overload Clutch. In the event of
an impact, the motor gearbox disengages, giving the derailleur
freedom to move, and instantly returns back to its position for
a seamless experience for the rider. The primary purpose of
the Overload Clutch is to protect the derailleur shift motor, but
it serves to protect your derailleur and derailleur hanger from
damage as a by-product. A very helpful by-product.

How robust is the GX Eagle AXS derailleur?

Several design features increase the robustness of the GX
Eagle AXS derailleur. The gearbox and motor clutch, the shorter
cage, more chain wrap, and more precise shift control all add to
a more durable system. SRAM also has extreme water and dust
proof qualities built into all of SRAM's AXS components.

Are 11-speed RED eTap derailleur batteries compatible with
GX Eagle AXS and SRAM RED eTap AXS derailleurs? 

Yes. Both groups use the same SRAM batteries.

GX Eagle AXS Rear Derailleur:

Speeds: 12

Max Tooth: 52T

Color: Lunar

Material: Pulley Bearings: Steel; Cage: Steel

Technology: AXS, Cage Lock, Eagle Roller Bearing Clutch, X-Horizon, X-SYNC

Weight: 468-478g

GX Eagle AXS Controller (Shifter)

Color: Black

Tecnology: AXS, Eagle MatchMaker X Integrated

Weight: 70-82g

Part Numbers

710845864353 00.7918.104.000 00.7918.104.000