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Spinervals UltraConditioning 2.0 - Ultra CORE-Strength Builder

Spinervals UltraConditioning 2.0 - Ultra CORE-Strength Builder
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Combining a Technique Cycling Focus with CORE Strength & Conditioning

Spinervals UltraConditioning 2.0 - "Ultra Core-Strength Builder" targets your CORE while improving your cycling skills and technique.

Join Coach Troy and a group of enthusiastic and fit athletes for this incredibly effective workout designed to increase your leg speed and cycling efficiency on the bike while simultaneously improving your core strength and stability for better performance. You'll be coached through a series of high cadence and one-leg pedaling drills for maximum efficiency and then through a bout of floor work, targeting your abs, obliques and lower back for greater core strength. An area often neglected by competitive cyclists and triathletes, this core-strengthening workout is a must have for any serious athlete or fitness enthusiast!

This workout contains about 60% of Cycling Focus and 40% of Core Training Focus.
Accessories used in this workout include: Physio Ball and Workout Mat

Compatible with stationary bikes and all stationary trainers

  • Has a 'music on/music off' option allowing you to listen to your own music

  • DVD only

  • Length: 60 Minutes

  • Difficulty level: 9.0

Part Numbers

9939736 9939736