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Shimano MT420 Disc Brake Set

Shimano MT420 Disc Brake Set
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Intuitive and powerful braking
Quicker brake engagement with shorter free stroke
Rider tunable and action-optimized cockpit
High-performance brake control
Additional contact point for a stiffer brake lever
10 deg. rotation angle setting range for I-SPEC EV shifting lever
Lever: MT4100
4-piston caliper instills greater downhill confidence and control
Post Mount
90% braking power vs. BR-MT520
20% increase braking power vs. current 2-piston BR-MT400
150% better wear-resistance vs. current 2-piston BR-MT400
Caliper: BR-MT420
Pad: Metal w/o Fin (J-Kit); Resin w/o Fin (Pre-Bled)
Brake Hose: SM-BH90-SS
Brake Fluid: mineral oil
Color: Black
Available in Pre-Bled or J-Kit versions
J-Kit Technology: For some frames with internal routing, the J-Kit version may be easier to install, since everything is pre-bled. Disconnected lever comes pre-bled with connecting bolt/built in olive pre-installed. Brake caliper is pre-bled with brake hose connected/capped.

Part Numbers

192790621425 EMT4204JRRXMA170