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Shimano Di2 Ultegra Internal Junction Box

Shimano Di2 Ultegra Internal Junction Box
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With the introduction of the Dura-Ace Di2 9070, the door was fully opened for secondary shifter options. In addition to their standard ST-9070 shifters, many riders are now opting for supplemental shifting positions to reflect the race course for the given day. It's an option many Shimano-sponsored riders are taking advantage of -- strategically placing advanced electronic shifting technology literally at their fingertips. In the Spring Classics this year we saw many riders running Shimano's top mounted shifters, as hands are often positioned up high on the bars for increased control over the demanding road surfaces. Similarly, sprint-specialists who spend most of their time down in the drops of their bars will request that mechanics add Shimano's slick sprint shifters to their cockpits on flat race stages. Due to the myriad of shifting options that have presented themselves with Shimano's new Di2 group, the Japanese engineers created its new E-Tube Cockpit Junction Box to handle additional componentry. The small junction box mounts directly below the handlebar, and makes it so that no additional wiring or setup procedure is required to add your supplemental shifters. The Shimano E-Tube Cockpit Junction Box is available in two versions: the SM-EW90-A, with three ports, and SM-EW90-B, with five ports. Combined with the three ports on the back of each STI lever, both boxes provides a huge range of setup options. Additionally, both versions of the new E-Tube Cockpit Junction Box feature a charging port for the new internal SM-BTR2 Di2 battery.