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Serfas KS-264 Bone's Youth Saddle

Serfas KS-264 Bone's Youth Saddle
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  • Kids’s specific shape

  • New Deep Groove Design for added soft tissue protection

  • Built in protective side impact guards for added impact resistance

  • Anatomic Dip for soft tissue relief

  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 14 oz./397 gr.

  • Size: 9" x 5.5"

  • Quantity: Case qty. 20

For cyclists tired of being rubbed the wrong way, Serfas’ Reactive Gel promises relief beyond compare.
Combined with our Deep Groove Design, Reactive Gel seats help alleviate pelvic discomfort and offer unparalleled protection where you need it most.

Part Numbers

9922696 9922696