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Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp

Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp
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The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution is a favorite choice for many gyms, physical therapy centers and cardiac rehabs. The Airdyne Evolution will last a lifetime because of it's high quality and no friction devices. (It works on air) The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution will give you a total body workout or just a lower body workout depending on what body part your looking to strengthen.

The Airdyne Evolution Comp is simply smart - the wind resistance is exponential, so the harder an exerciser pedals, the higher the resistance becomes, naturally providing the right workout for either a novice exerciser or an elite athlete. Airdyne is the original, patented full-body exerciser, and the Airdyne Evolution Comp is the next step in the evolution of this ground-breaking machine. Its smaller fan is even quieter than the Airdyne's, and the lower step-over height makes it easier to mount and dismount.
Features an extra-padded, anatomically correct seat for comfort during longer rides.
Total-body ergometer with patented synchronized arm and leg motion simulates natural human movement.
Includes foot rest pegs allow for upper body exercise only.
Reliable/accurate braking method uses airflow to calculate workload for use in rehabilitation.

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