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Optimum Fitness Anaerobic Power- Disc 5

Optimum Fitness Anaerobic Power- Disc 5
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Cycling Fitness Results is a functional back-to-basics workout series with proper warm-up and cool-down periods, cycling specific stretching exercises, and novice, intermediate, and advanced workout levels.
The workouts are endorsed by Coach Joe Friel and conform to his "Training Bible" philosophy.

Anaerobic Power
These high power workouts will assist in the tolerance and buffering of lactic acid and utilizes it as an additional source of energy. Attack the pack and power away to the finish line!

Exciting Workouts keep you coming back for more.
The Best Indie Music was handpicked for this workout series. Each workout has a different soundtrack with real music from the top of the independent music charts.
Three challenging workouts.
Bonus Features.
Exciting cut-away footage of cyclists performing the workouts outdoors.
Train efficiently.

Training Plan to help integrate the series into a yearly cycle.
On screen graphics featuring Heart Rate Zones, Cadence, and Power.

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