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Oakley DRT5 Helmet

Oakley DRT5 Helmet
  • Color: Blackout
  • Color: White
  • Color: Balsam
  • Color: Dark Brush
  • Color: Minnaar Gray
  • Color: Black/Celeste
  • Color: Desert Tan
  • Color: Forged Iron
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Color: Team Royal
  • Color: Bayberry
$155.00 - $200.00
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Oakley is famous for their eyewear and has ventured into the world of mountain and road bike helmets. The latest helmet is the Oakley DRT5 for mountain biking. The new DRT5 helmet is not a full-face; it is for trail and all-mountain riding. The DRT5 helmet looks and fits great like some of the more popular models in this category, but with new well thought out features. On the outside of the helmet, toward the rear are 2 clips that point up. Oakley has named these “Eyewear Landing Zone”. These are used to hold your glasses to the helmet so you no longer need to try and squeeze them through the helmet's vents. Additionally, for those who enjoy all mountain terrain riding and utilize goggles on your ride, Oakley DRT5 has a pivotal visor which can be positioned to the top of the helmet to allow for goggles to rest conveniently on the front of the helmet.

The helmet is designed with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), the leading slip-plane technology designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. The Oakley DRT5 helmet uses a BOA dial fit system for easy adjustments and a silicone gutter across the brow to divert sweat away from your eyes. Keeping you cool are a generous amount of large channels for plentiful airflow.

The exterior of the Oakley DRT5 helmet has a carefully shaped profile, especially around the ears and does not interfere with sunglass earpieces. It is a great looking and well-designed mountain bike helmet, with features to make your ride more enjoyable.


· Lightweight Polycarbonate shell – with Eyewear Landing zone

· MIPS Brain Protection System – The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain form angled impacts to the head

· BOA FS1-1 System - The Boa FS1-1 is a height adjustable 360 degree design that delivers an exact fit, perfect for you every time. With is soft textile feel and flexibility, the TX1 Lace lies flat against your head, allowing for seamless eyewear integration.

· Moisture Wicking Silicon Brow Gutter - diverts sweat away from your eyes

· EPS protective foam

Part Numbers

Option UPC Store SKU
Blackout / Small (52-56cm) 190645656875 9988146BLACKOUT-02ES-52-56CM
Blackout / Medium (54-58cm) 190645656868 9988146BLACKOUT-02EM-54-58CM
Blackout / Large (56-60cm) 190645656851 9988146BLACKOUT-02EL-56-60CM
White / Small (52-56cm) 190645656813 9988146WHITE-100S-52-56CM
White / Medium (54-58cm) 190645656806 9988146WHITE-100M-54-58CM
White / Large (56-60cm) 190645656790 9988146WHITE-100L-56-60CM
Balsam / Small (52-56cm) 190645656783 9988146BALSAM-6A9S-52-56CM
Balsam / Medium (54-58cm) 190645656776 9988146BALSAM-6A9M-54-58CM
Balsam / Large (56-60cm) 190645656769 9988146BALSAM-6A9L-56-60CM
Dark Brush / Small (52-56cm) 190645656844 9988146DARK-BRUSH-86VS-52-56CM
Dark Brush / Medium (54-58cm) 190645656837 9988146DARK-BRUSH-86VM-54-58CM
Dark Brush / Large (56-60cm) 190645656820 9988146DARK-BRUSH-86VL-56-60CM
Minnaar Gray / Small (52-56cm) 190645656905 9988146MINNAAR-GRY-GM1S-52-56CM
Minnaar Gray / Medium (54-58cm) 190645656899 9988146MINNAAR-GRY-GM1M-54-58CM
Minnaar Gray / Large (56-60cm) 190645656882 9988146MINNAAR-GRY-GM1L-56-60CM
Black/Celeste / Small (52-56cm) 190645961016 9988146BLK-CELESTE-9A9S-52-56CM
Black/Celeste / Medium (54-58cm) 190645961009 9988146BLK-CELESTE-9A9M-54-58CM
Black/Celeste / Large (56-60cm) 190645960996 9988146BLK-CELESTE-9A9L-56-60CM
Desert Tan / Small (52-56cm) 190645960989 9988146DESERT-TAN-9A0S-52-56CM
Desert Tan / Medium (54-58cm) 190645960972 9988146DESERT-TAN-9A0M-54-58CM
Desert Tan / Large (56-60cm) 190645960965 9988146DESERT-TAN-9A0L-56-60CM
Forged Iron / Small (52-56cm)
Forged Iron / Medium (54-58cm) 190645960941 9988146FORGED-IRON-9B1M-54-58CM
Forged Iron / Large (56-60cm) 190645960934 9988146FORGED-IRON-9B1L-56-60CM
Black/Red / Small (52-56cm) 193517053499 9988146BLACK-RED-009S-52-56CM
Black/Red / Medium (54-58cm) 193517053482 9988146BLACK-RED-009M-54-58CM
Black/Red / Large (56-60cm) 193517053475 9988146BLACK-RED-009L-56-60CM
Team Royal / Small (52-56cm) 193517088330 9988146TEAM-ROYAL-6LDS-52-56CM
Team Royal / Medium (54-58cm) 193517088323 9988146TEAM-ROYAL-6LDM-54-58CM
Team Royal / Large (56-60cm) 193517088316 9988146TEAM-ROYAL-6LDL-56-60CM
Bayberry / Small (52-56cm) 193517053468 9988146BAYBERRY-70US-52-56CM
Bayberry / Medium (54-58cm) 193517053451 9988146BAYBERRY-70UM-54-58CM
Bayberry / Large (56-60cm) 193517053444 9988146BAYBERRY-70UL-56-60CM