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Kreitler Kompact Hot Dog Alloy 3.0 Rollers

Kreitler Kompact Hot Dog Alloy 3.0 Rollers
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Standard Kreitler Drums are 15” wide and are by far the most popular width. Hot Dog drums are 10” wide. Every model of Kreitler Drum is available in the Hot Dog width by special order. Hot Dog drums are desirable for the most experienced roller riders who want an additional challenge or maximum portability from their rollers.

For the ultimate in portability and compactness, the Kompact Hot Dog Rollers feature the 10” width Alloy 3.0 Drums together with the Kompact Frame.

  • 3.0” x 10” Alloy Drums with Alloy End Caps

  • Kompact Frame

  • Belt

Part Numbers

9942647 9942647