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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle with Bluetooth + Free 3 gifts

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle with Bluetooth + Free 3 gifts
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Keiser M3i Indoor Bike –

The Keiser M3i indoor bike feels like a road bike and features a wide 24 tension range with guaranteed accuracy for the optimal workout. The magnetic tension is the key; when the flywheel is turned in proximity of the magnetic field the eddy current is created. The flywheel acts like a conductor with closed circuits. The energy generated by turning the flywheel has nowhere to go, so as it resists it becomes more difficult for the rider to pedal. If the flywheel is in less contact with the magnetic field, it’s easier to ride. The more of the flywheel that comes in contact with the magnetic field (the higher the energy that is being generated with each turn) the more difficult it becomes to ride. The Keiser M3i is made with digital resistant settings and uses the eddy current (or magnetic resistance) for a smooth and quiet ride. The M3i Poly-V belt transmits very high loads over very small pulleys for a good road-bike feel. The Poly-V belt handles all the power without a perimeter-weighted flywheel, unnecessary noise or a vibrating cog belt.

The saddle and handle bar are easily adjusted to suit your fit. The curved crank arm provide ample room for any type of rider footwear. The Keiser M3i spin bike shifter is located on the handlebars for ease of use, interval training and is activated by simply pushing the shifter all the way down and back up, making it ideal for HIIT (High-Intensity interval training) workouts.

Using your phone or tablet, the Keiser M3i Indoor spin bike computer lets you record every detail of your exercise routine. Track your time, distance, power, RPM and pulse with the Keiser digital computer system all on one screen. The Keiser Computer has a back-lit display that automatically turns on when the light drops below a set level and remains on, unique to the Keiser M3i. Sync your workout data with multiple apps available for the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle such as Keiser M or Keiser Pro app. Additionally, the Keiser M3i has a Bluetooth wireless display and can communicate with a group class projection system.


· Height: 45”

· Width: 26”

· Length: 49”

· Item weight: 85 lbs

· Max user weight: 300 lbs


· Eddy current magnetic resistance system.

· Simpler seat adjustment pull-pin.

· Four-way adjustable seat.

· Transport wheels on base for easy storage.

· Water bottle holder.
- Includes media holder and stretch pads

Computer Features:

· Backlit sensor automatically detects ambient light levels in the room and turns on when needed.

· Bluetooth wireless capability.

· Display readouts include:

o Cadence (RPM)

o Power Output (Watts/Kcal)

o Heart Rate (HR)

o Elapsed Time

o Current Gear (Resistance Level)

o Odometer/Trip Distance


Keiser M3i Trailer

Part Numbers

884603015537 005506BBC KEISER-M3I


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