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BB Infinite Ceramitech Shimano 11-Speed Pulley Set

BB Infinite Ceramitech Shimano 11-Speed Pulley Set
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Rock solid chain control means crisper shifts while Ceramitech bearings channel all your hard work to the ground.

Each cog set features DELRIN® 510GR construction, a fiber reinforced polymer specially suited to high strength situations where resistance to deflection is paramount, such as every time you shift. The Ceramitech bearings are in-molded for absolute security and durability as well as ease of maintenance.

These pulleys are compatible with:

5700-series 105

7000-series 105

6800-series Ultegra

R8000-series Ultegra (mechanical and Di2)

R9000-series Dura Ace (mechanical and Di2)

R9100-series Dura Ace (mechanical and Di2)

R9200-series Dura Ace (mechanical and Di2)

Part Numbers

9994021 9994021