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700c, 27-Inch & 650c

Reynolds AR41 Wheelset
The Reynolds AR series delivers the standout performance of the ARx series by utilizing the same carbon fiber rims, but in a more competitively priced wheel offering. Whether you're looking to lighten the load in search of your next KOM, seeking speed through aerodynamic advantage, or wanting a wheel that can confidently carry you anywhere in search of adventure, the AR collection offers you the widest assortment of quality carbon wheels at a competitive price to complete your quest for the ultimate ride. Specifications: •Inner Rim Width: 19MM •Outer Rim Width: 27MM •Rim Depth: 41MM •Spokes: F20 | R24 •Spoke Pattern: Front Radial | Rear 2x •Weight: 1545g •Technology: PR3, BWI •Hub: Front GW RRB | Rear GW RRB •Spoke Type: Sprint •Nipple: External Brass •Engagement: 10° •Pawl: 4 •Decal: Black vinyl •Rim: Assault Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake
Reynolds AR41X Wheelset
The Reynolds ARx series delivers an unmatched selection of carbon fiber wheels to offer you the perfect product capable of tracking the types of terrain and roads you ride. The ARx line of wheels carries on the heritage of our wildly popular Attack, Assault and Strike wheels with wider rim profiles optimized for modern, wider tubeless tires. Working with the wider profiles allowed our engineers to design sleek, new rim shapes that vastly improve stability in crosswinds in the deeper sectioned rims. The new ARx profiles are not only wider and faster, but they are also lighter than their Attack, Assault and Strike predecessors. Advantages over AR41: Bladed Sapim CX-Sprint spokes which are both lighter and more aerodynamic Painted rims with water transferred graphics for a clean and subtle appearance Lighter hubs with a sleeker overall appearance Specifications: •Inner Rim Width: 19MM •Outer Rim Width: 27MM •Rim Depth: 41MM •Spokes: F20 | R24 •Spoke Pattern: Front Radial | Rear 2x •Weight: 1480g •Technology: PR3, BWI •Hub: Front Reynolds Hub / Reynolds Rim Brake | Rear Reynolds Hub / Reynolds Rim Brake •Spoke Type: CX-Sprint •Nipple: External Alloy •Engagement: 10° •Pawl: 4 •Decal: Black water slide •Rim: Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake
Reynolds Blacklabel 65 DB Aero
Based around Reynold's Dispersive Effect Termination (DET™) rim profile, the BLACKLABEL Aero rims are optimized to lower drag and provide unmatched stability in crosswinds when used with modern, wider tire profiles. The rims feature a 19mm tubeless ready rim channel and a precision crafted hub by Industry Nine that lowers rolling resistance, enhances lateral stiffness and improves the overall ride quality to give you every advantage in your search for speed. Specifications: •Inner Rim Width: 19MM •Outer Rim Width: 28MM •Rim Depth: 65MM •Spokes: F20 | R24 •Spoke Pattern: Front 2x | Rear 2x •Weight: 1600g •Technology: CR6, DET •Hub: Front i9 | Rear i9 •Spoke Type: CX-Ray •Nipple: Internal 5mm Hex Alloy •Engagement: 6° •Pawl: 3 •Decal: Black water slide •Rim: Aero 65 Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake
Reynolds TR367 27.5 Wheelset
$799.00 $1,299.00 38% Off
The TR 367 checks all of the boxes for a modern mountain bike wheel with superior ride quality and durability, all while keeping your wallet happy. No matter your budget, wheels will still be the most important upgrade you make to your bike. Our carbon rims offer a durable and predictable ride that will change the way you look at the trail. The 36mm internal rim width provides excellent tire fit and provides additional air volume for superior ride quality and traction. Key Features: - Tubeless-ready hookless rim profile for a no-burp tire fit and ease of inflation - Reynolds TR3 Mountain Hub with 10 degrees of engagement - Offered in 36mm inner rim width to match current tire trends - XD and Shimano freehub bodies available Specifications: Rim Material: Carbon Fiber Rim Construction: Hookless tire bead, tubeless ready, Mountain Rim 5 (MR5) Construction Technology Rim Size: 27.5” Rim Width: Internal 36mm, External 42mm Rim Depth: 26mm Rim Weight: 524 Hub: Reynolds TR3 Mountain Hub, 100% CNC machined - 10 degree engagement, 3-pawl freehub Spoke Count: 28 Front, 28 Rear Brake Interface: Disc Only, Center Lock
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