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Replacement and conversion freehub bodies Complete freehub body kits with necessary parts to replace or convert your hub. Click on item to see what is included Freehub bodies fit Industry Nine 1/1 mountain rear hubs Includes: (1) XD freehub body shell, (1) bearing spacer, (1) 152610 bearing, (1) 15267A3 bearing, (6) 101 pawls, (6) 101 springs, (1) freehub body seal and (1) 101 freehub retaining ring
Industry Nine cartridge bearings are OE replacement bearings. Thickness: 7 Bearing O.D. (mm): 30 Manufacturer Number: 61903 Bearing I.D. (mm): 17
Industry Nine Freehub bodies are machined in North Carolina and contain all necessary pawls, springs and bearings for servicing or converting their hubs. Kits include freehub, bearings, inner spacer, pawls, and springs Convert or replace your existing Hydra mountain freehub body with this complete MicroSpline kit. Includes everything you need to swap the freehub and get riding
$205.00 - $230.00
Replacement freehub kit for Hydra hubs
Made in Asheville, NC, Industry Nine Hydra Classic Mountain hubs feature low weight, and large diameter disc flanges for braking torque transfer. Ideal for any style of mountain bike riding, from XC to DH. Features: - 12x148mm Boost Thru-Axle, Micro Spline compatible, Hydra freehub mechanism improves over previous Torch hub internals with multiple heads engaging for strength and quicker engagement - 32 hole, 6-bolt/44mm-BCD International Standard disc mounting dimensions - Featuring the Torch freehub, designed around a traditional flanged hub, Angled flanges for lower spoke stress and large diameter disc flange improves wheel stiffness and brake torque transfer - 6-pawl, 6-phase, 115-tooth drive ring with .52 deg between engagement points. Angled flanges for lower spoke stress. - Color: Gold - Weight: 286g
Industry Nine cartridge bearings are OE replacement bearings. Thickness: 5 Bearing O.D. (mm): 26 Bearing I.D. (mm): 17
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