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Parts & Accessories

GoPro Adventure Kit
For nearly all your adventures, GoPro presents the Adventure Kit, which includes The Handler Floating Handgrip for comfortable handheld shooting on land or in the water; the Head Strap + QuickClip, which allows you to wear your camera on your head or helmet, as well as attach it to a baseball cap, backpack strap, or anything similar; and a customizable compact case to carry it all in. These can be used for hiking, snorkeling, riding roller coasters, and much more.
GoPro Floaty for HERO8 Black - Orange
Add a life jacket to your camera with this GoPro Floaty camera case. Brightly colored cushioned padding offers extra impact protection and floats to keep your HERO8 Black camera safe while recording on the water. This GoPro Floaty camera case boasts a wraparound design, which preserves access to all buttons and touch-screen controls.
GoPro HERO7 Black Floaty
Ensure your GoPro camera doesn't get lost in that elusive big wave with this GoPro floaty. The orange color makes this camera accessory easy to spot in the water, and the included adhesive anchor and camera tether keep your camera close at hand in rough weather. Featuring a simple design, this GoPro floaty attaches effortlessly to your camera.
GoPro Shorty for GoPro HERO9/HERO10 Black (Black)
If you need to quickly set up your HERO on a level surface, or just grab an impromptu handheld shot, the Shorty for GoPro HERO9/HERO10 Black in black is a grab-and-go solution. Its pocketable form factor makes it easy to take along wherever you go. For locked-down shots, simply secure your HERO camera's frame or housing using the standard 3-prong accessory interface, position the tripod where you need it, extend the pole for extra height, and start filming. Alternatively, keep it folded up and use it as a handgrip.
GoPro Sports Kit for Most GoPro HERO Cameras
Record every second of your outdoor adventures with this GoPro sports kit. The Chesty performance chest mount lets you capture a first-person view of hikes, runs and bike rides, while the pole mount attaches to seat posts, handlebars and other related pieces of equipment for unique camera angles. With a compact carrying case, this GoPro sports kit fits neatly in your gear bag.
GoPro Tempered Glass Lens and Screen Protector
Defend your camera lens and touch screen against scratches with this GoPro tempered glass lens and screen protector. An anti-reflective coating preserves image quality while the anti-fingerprint coating helps keep the touch screen clear and easy to read. The microfiber cloth included with this GoPro tempered glass lens and screen protector ensures simple cleaning.
GoPro Travel Kit
For your trips, vacations, and other journeys, the GoPro Travel Kit includes the Shorty Mini Extension Pole + Tripod and the Sleeve + Lanyard, which between them will let you conveniently capture handheld shots and selfies, as well as simply let your GoPro freely but securely hang from your wrist or around your neck and be available for easy access at any moment. A customizable compact carry case is included for neatly storing everything. The Shorty supports all GoPros while the Sleeve + Lanyard is compatible with the HERO7, 6, 5, and 2018.
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