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Enve Melee

The Melee

ENVE is pleased to introduce the Melee, a purpose-built road racing bicycle designed and engineered to meet the high-performance, and versatility demands of today’s road racers. In 2021, ENVE launched their first complete bicycle, the Ogden, Utah-made Custom Road, and manifest their intention to evolve the brand from aftermarket wheel and component specialists to a full-service bicycle brand.

Shaped for Speed

The Melee is deisgned to achieve efficiency from the second the air begins to flow over its surfaces. From the SES Tire and front wheel, to the fork legs, head tube, and beyond - The Melee is designed for speed

Versatile Performance

Versatility is very important for the modern road racer.

The Melee has extended tire clearance to accommodate riders' preferences.

Fit & Geometry

The Melee is available in seven frame sizes, with five unique fork rakes to ensure that riders of all sizes will have the same responsive handling the Melee is intended to deliver.

The ENVE Chassis is the canvas upon which you can assemble your dream bike. An ENVE Melee is available as a “Chassis Only” which includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seatpost. The bar, stem, fork and seatpost are proprietary to the Melee and selected à la carte to ensure that customers get the exact fit spec they need from the start.